Canonical Report

As you may know, I serve two functions within the CEEC: Presiding Bishop of the International House and Presiding Bishop of the Province USA.  In both of these roles, I stand shoulder to shoulder with Bishops of great strength and character.  Both Houses are of the same communion but serve specific functions, therefore, their canons should be specific to their calling while submitting to the unity of the body.  

At our Synod meeting for the Province USA, the aforementioned maxim kept coming to the surface.  We were considering adopting the International House canons as part and parcel of the Province Canons, but the Holy Spirit kept directing us toward considering the respected missions for each House.  With that in mind, the Province USA felt it important to ensure the provincial canons serve the province.  This impulse made us pause and re-think our original goal of adopting the International House canons.  

Therefore, we have, as you will see in the statement below, chosen to take a step back and focus our attention on ensuring that our canons serve the Province USA.  This means we will take the year to construct and articulate canons that can both walk in step with the International House while effectively moving our Province forward.  This is not a step away from the International House (our commitment to unity remains strong) but a step towards ensuring all written documents in our Province help further the kingdom of God.  I am reminded of the preamble of our Canons:

The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC), its provinces, archdioceses, dioceses, congregations, apostolates, and missions globally, confess faith in and allegiance to the one almighty, eternal, and holy triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

1. It is for His worship, service, and fellowship that we, by His grace and appointment, exist.

2. We are bound by covenant to God in and through Jesus Christ our Lord, into whose fellowship
we are called.

3. We are regulated by His authoritative Word, the Holy Scriptures, and guided by creeds, confessions, constitutions, and canons based upon His authoritative Word.

4. We are a constituent part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

5. We believe there is but one true Apostolic Faith, and believe it is our duty to embrace and proclaim that faith in all its fullness to the glory of God, the edification of the Church and the transformation of the world.

It is with this call in mind we soberly and humbly go about the business of the Kingdom of God.  Below is the ratified statement.