Province USA


The Province of the USA is made of Dioceses within the United States of America. Lead by Bishop Quintin Moore, the Province of the USA has a presence in 10 states.

Archbishop Quintin Moore

Archbishop Quintin Moore


Since 2011 Bishop Quintin has served as the Presiding Bishop of the CEEC Province USA. He founded the Diocese of the Restoration in 2004 which serves as a covering for churches regionally.

He has been the Lead Pastor of The Father's House, a convergent congregation in Hutchinson, Kansas since 1986. 

Bishop Quintin holds a Masters of Ministry and is completing a Doctorate from George Fox University. He has assisted in the successful planting of hundreds of churches in the US, Mexico, and other countries around the world, most of which are still thriving in their various communities.


United States

CEEC USA has four dioceses in 11 different states



CEEC USA has relationships that allow for ministry work in Rome



CEEC USA has missionaries and missions work in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.



CEEC USA has established several different churches in Mexico that do missions work in country.